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Remote students improve their swimming skills

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Pam Dillon, Barkly Region Sport Education Coordinator, Tennant & District Times

Twenty-eight students from three different remote schools spent three days fine-tuning their swimming skills to improve their schools’ chances in the Barkly Region Inter-school Swimming Carnival.

With the help from Swimming NT, Royal Lifesaving NT (RLSNT) and the Barkly Sport Education Coordinator, the students ranging from preschool through to Year 8 were put into groups according to their swimming ability.

Each day they spent working on their kicking, stroke technique, breathing, familiarisation under water, water safety and various rescues.

Every morning the students had a warm up session of water aerobics, conducted by Barkly Sport Education Co-ordinator and Bernie the Barkly Eagle mascot.

The students enjoyed learning how to do different exercises in the water. At the conclusion of the three days, each student was issued with a RLSNT water safety certificate according to the level they passed.

During the Barkly Region Inter-school Swimming Carnival, the swimming teachers witnessed just how much their students had improved from the first day of lessons to competing against other students in the races.

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Tennant & District Times 11 November 2022

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 11 November 2022.


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