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Undera – the community left to take responsibility

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Australian Rural & Regional News has received an update from Daryl on the flood response at Undera.

As at 26 October, the flooding continues at Undera and, with no authority prepared to take responsibility for the levees, it’s left to the community – somehow, sometime – to repair the multiple levee breaks.

The community acts

Over the past week, the Undera community has worked together in war against the flood, pulling together amazingly well. The water was receding until Monday, when it rose 100mm due to the 80 mm of rain which drenched the area.

There have been positive meetings with Mr Sam Birrell, Federal National Party MP for Nicholls and Mr Peter Walsh, State National Party MP for Murray Plains. Both members were passionate about finding answers for the Undera community in order to rebuild better the levee banks and early warning systems. The Greater Shepparton City Council also stepped in with a listening ear.

The community would like to thank all the supermarkets, stores – including clothing and other businesses – who have supported the town and the community in the flood crisis. The support has been unbelievable.

Who will take responsibility?

On the night of Tuesday 25 October approximately 80 local residents attended a Community meeting in the recreation reserve in Undera. Representatives of Greater Shepparton City Council, Goulburn Murray Water, and Goulburn Broken Catchment Authority were in attendance.

The focus of the meeting was the failure of the levee bank and determining which government authority is responsible for the failed levee bank and the repair of the levee bank.

However, while the issue was kicked around like the proverbial political football, none of the authorities attending was prepared to accept responsibility for the levee bank that night.

It appears that the community of Undera is on its own once again with water still pouring into farms from the approximately 12 broken levee banks.

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