Thursday, June 8, 2023

Council to object to Willatook Wind Farm

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Moyne Shire Council, Media Release, 2 August 2022

Moyne Shire Council will make a submission to the Minister for Planning objecting to the planning permit for the Willatook Wind Farm.

Councillors voted unanimously to object to permit application for the development following a community consultation process, where 62 members shared their views.

Mayor, Cr Ian Smith, said while Council would not be making the decision about the permit application, it was important it made a strong representation to the Minister for Planning on behalf of the community.

“There’s no doubt Moyne has done the heavy lifting when it comes to wind farms – we are supportive of renewable energy as a principle, but we want serious concerns addressed and we want some sort of involvement in the decision making process,” he said.

“We have asked our community to share their views to help form our submission to the Minister and its very clear there are concerns around cumulative impacts of development, social license and the ongoing benefits to the community.

“Our submission is also relative of Council’s adopted position to oppose new wind farm developments in Moyne Shire Council until the State Government addresses a series of matters.

“I’d also encourage those who have submitted to Council to also make their submission to the Minister for Planning and request to be heard at a panel so they can share their views with the people who will be making the decision.”

Cr Smith said Council would also ask to present at any planning panel the Minister convenes on this application.


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