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Mica Creek now in hands of Glencore

Glencore is preparing to revive the Mica Creek Power Station after Stanwell handed back the keys to the dormant facility.

North West Weekly can reveal the state government body struck a deal with the mining giant last month.

However, Stanwell says it has simply returned a Mount Isa Mines asset back to Glencore.

The news will send shockwaves through the region’s commercial energy sector.

If Glencore fires up Mica Creek and largely supplies its own power, it could threaten the future of the privately-owned Diamantina Power Station, which has a monopoly on the supply market.

It could also impact plans to connect the North West to the grid via the proposed CopperString 2.0 project, which is still waiting for the state government’s approval.

In a statement, Glencore said it had taken control of Mica Creek Power Station and was “considering our overall energy needs”.

Local MP Robbie Katter said he had no qualms with Glencore looking out for its own interests, but questioned the behind-closed-doors deal between the miner and state government.

“This is privatisation by stealth and I think that it’s absolute nonsense and a sleight of hand that they can claim this was always a Glencore asset when we know that Stanwell was the owner.”

More coverage on North West Weekly and in the issue.

North West Weekly 28 July 2022

This article appeared in North West Weekly, 28 July 2022.



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