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New NT water licence portal to make doing business easier

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Eva Lawler, NT Minister for Environment, Media Release, 26 July 2021

Easily accessible information about ground and surface water licences is a key priority to ensuring business keeps moving in an environmentally sustainable way.

From today, the new water licensing portal will open – making it a one stop shop for water licensing questions.

Streamlining the water application process means proponents understand the information that is needed when submitting their application.

The new portal continues to provide access to water license information including water licence decisions, water allocation plans, water assessment reports and legislative and administrative information in the Northern Territory.

A key feature of the new portal is that it’s faster and easier to navigate, with the information more easily found and more clearly displayed.

This new portal contributes to the government’s commitment to ensure transparency and regulation in our water space.

Notices of intention, which are open for public comment, are now displayed on the portal in a way which allows the public to more easily identify their geographic location, and the updated map provides a better display of where licences have been granted or declined.

To view the portal visit

Quotes from the Minister for Environment, Eva Lawler:

“Our natural environment is one of our best assets and it’s a large part of what makes living in the Territory so special.

“It is important that our unique environment and the jobs that rely on it are protected – and that is exactly what this Government is doing.

“Improving access to information about our water resources builds on our robust framework for  ensuring our water and the environment is safeguarded now and into the future, that industry is accountable for its practices, community and culture is respected, and the benefits and opportunities available to local businesses and communities is maximised.”


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