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Ausgold Aquaculture goes with the flow

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One of the only licensed freshwater aquaculture properties in North Queensland has entered the market and is expecting offers in excess of $4 million.

Photo: Australian Property Journal

The 80-hectare Ausgold Aquaculture property, that sits 45km outside of Townsville, is a supplier for major fish markets, restaurants and supermarkets across the countries east coast.

With the ponds currently spanning three-hectares of the property, the site has typically yielded around 30 tonnes of Redclaw Crayfish and Silver Perch each year.

The facility features 30 ponds with running water via a recirculating gravity-fed system, and has been granted development approval for another 80 ponds across eight-hectares, with further opportunity to expand to up to 500 ponds across 50-hectares of land.

Angus Bills, Phil Schell and James Auty from CBRE are managing the sale via an expressions of interest campaign.

“Ausgold Aquaculture is an impressive facility with a proven track record, and now presents a rare opportunity to tap into the significant potential of Northern Australia,” said Bills.

Northern Australia has been identified by the federal government for plans to establish a food bowl, with a focus on exports due to the areas climate and close proximity to Asia, with air freight services running from Townsville.

“With the scope to expand the property into one of the largest freshwater fish farms in Australia, this freehold investment opportunity will appeal to existing aquaculture producers seeking further scale, new entrants into the market for diversification, and local and international investors,” added Bills.

The facility has a license, in perpetuity, to produce species such as Australian Bass, Barcoo Grunter, Barramundi, Eel Tail Catfish, Freshwater Shrimp, Golden Perch, Gulf Saratoga, Murray Cod, Sleepy Cod, Southern Saratoga and Yabby.

The site also features unlimited supply of bore water, with a 500ML licence for Major Creek and the sustainable use of effluent waters on surrounding hay paddocks.

The property also contains a 300sqm four-bedroom cottage, a four bay shed, an additional shed and excellent electricity infrastructure and supply, as well as all equipment and plant included to allow for an immediate start to operations upon purchase.

The property also has potential for development into horticulture, hay-growing, spring water and tourist uses.


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