Friday, June 2, 2023

Letter to the Editor – “best medical advice” and Covid-19 restrictions

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Australians have been told by various politicians and bureaucrats that the Covid-19-Delta restrictions and compulsions recently placed upon us are based on “best medical advice”.

This medical advice has not been made public, and because multiple requests for this advice have been ignored, it appears that it actually isn’t available for the public.

While massive restrictions, compulsions and invasions of privacy are being placed on Australians, the public appears to be not allowed to see the research, reports and other evidence the various governments are using to justify their actions.

Actual publicly available research in other countries shows that neither the application of lock-downs or masks altered the number of Covid-19 related cases or deaths in these countries.

The “best medical advice” that various politicians are using to justify their actions should be made public so that Australians can see why this advice is more credible than the research that shows their actions are actually not credible.

Despite the urban media clamour about “cases”, there has only been one death in Australia attributed to Covid-19 this year. This is out of the approximately 70,000 other deaths in same period.  

If the “best medical advice” will not be provided, then Australians should realise that we have simply been misled into one of the most intrusive and oppressive societies in history, and then realise that we need to get out of it.

David Landini, Wakool


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