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Exhibition launches with a bang

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Aunty Wasie Tardent with children
Aunty Wasie Tardent with local children at the opening of the 150ZK exhibition on Thursday night. Photo: Cape York Weekly

The highly anticipated 150ZK Truth Telling: Coming of the Light 150 Years (150ZK) exhibition was officially opened with great fanfare at the Gab Titui Cultural Centre on Thursday night.

Dance team
The Malu Kiai Boigu dance team performed at the opening. Photo: Cape York Weekly

Commemorating 150 years since Coming of the Light, the exhibition is the result of a successful collaborative curatorial project with Torres Strait Artists, Badu Arts, Erub Arts and Moa Arts.

Biship Tolowa Nona
Bishop Tolowa Nona. Photo: Cape York Weekly

It investigates the impact of the London Missionary Society and Christianity on Torres Strait Islanders and the region’s way of life.

After a moving Ailan hymn by the Kulkalgaw Choir, an official opening by TSRA board member for Mabuyag Cygnet Repu, keynotes by Kapua Gutchen Snr, Gabriel Bani and Jimmy K Thaiday, and a stunning performance by Boigu Island’s Malu Kiai dance team, the gallery opened, and visitors explored the exhibition for the first time.

Kapua Gutchen Snr
Kapua Gutchen Snr was one of the keynote speakers. Cape York Weekly.

TSRA chair Pedro Stephen said, “the Torres Strait Regional Authority is proud of the iconic exhibition”.

“Coming of the Light is an annual milestone event for Torres Strait Islanders and this exhibition infused culture, art and heritage with religion to explore concepts of identity, faith and tradition.

“It is important that as Torres Strait Islanders, we reflect on our history and what has impacted on our culture and Ailan Kastom.

“One of these impacts is the Coming of the Light and this exhibition has allowed our people to observe history and reflect on their own relationship with Christianity.

“I commend the Gab Titui Cultural Centre team, the Artists and Art Centres who have contributed to the exhibition.”

The Erub Arts team
The Erub Arts team enjoyed seeing their work on display. Photo: Cape York Weekly

The 150ZK exhibition will be on show at the Gab Titui Cultural Centre until August 21.

Exhibition catalogues, merchandise and memorabilia are now available to purchase in store.

Cape York Weekly 22 June 2021

This article appeared in Cape York Weekly, 22 June 2021.


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