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Health and medtech opportunities in Dubai

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Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce & Industry, Media Release, 1 June 2021

The Australia Arab Chamber of Commerce and Industry (AACCI) and the Australian Business Council Dubai (ABCD) are delighted to jointly host this two-part webinar series with Dubai FDI. Addressing the key industry sectors of Healthcare on June 16 and Food & Agribusiness in September (date TBA).

With a growing and aging population, Dubai, and indeed the region, presents a significant opportunity for companies, particularly in the fields of telehealth, AI, innovation and R &D, amongst others. Dubai’s goal is to be a global destination for both domestic and foreign patients and to be a place for medical tourists around the world with the development of high quality and cost-effective treatments and procedures.

The UAE was ranked by Bloomberg in 2021 as having the most efficient healthcare in COVID Era in the Arab world and tops the Arab region in the Horizon Research Group’s COVID-19 Economic recovery Index Ranking. The ranking assesses how 122 countries are positioned for recovery, based on their overall heath resilience, and the pre-existing structural strengths and weaknesses at the core of their recovery capacity.

Companies interested in expanding their businesses offshore and/or diversification through accessing high potential new markets are invited to gain insight from this webinar.

Presenting Organisation:

Dubai FDI
Dubai Health Authority
Dubai Healthcare City
Dubai Science Park

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