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Cape leaders to voice concerns in Canberra

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Council leaders from across the Cape and Torres Strait will head to Canberra this week to speak with politicians and bureaucrats from both major parties as they look to address issues in the region.

Parliament House Canberra
Image by Lee Chandler from Pixabay

Organised under the banner of the Torres and Cape Indigenous Councils Alliance, the mayors, CEOs and senior staff will also try and arrange a sit down with Prime Minister Scott Morrison.

Critical issues to be raised include increasing the supply of housing in remote and discrete communities, the need for better regional telecommunications and digital connectivity, opportunities to create meaningful jobs, improving whole-of-life health outcomes for Indigenous people, addressing food security issues, and funding for much-needed infrastructure such as roads, airports and ports.

Weipa Town Authority chair Michael Rowland is one of 14 mayors, councillors and CEOs that will represent TCICA in Canberra.

Meetings are being held with Minister for Indigenous Australians Ken Wyatt, Assistant Minister for Northern Australia Michelle Landry, and senior advisers from the offices of the Defence and Home Affairs Ministers.

TCICA has also secured meetings with Labor’s shadow ministry, including Linda Burney (Indigenous Australians), Michelle Rowland (Communications), Catherine King (Infrastructure, Transport, and Regional Development), and Brendan O’Connor (Defence).

Cape York Weekly 31 May 2021

This article appeared in Cape York Weekly, 31 May 2021.


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