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Farm and household help for mice management welcomed

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National Farmers’ Federation, Media Release, 13 May 2021

The National Farmers’ Federation is relieved that help is on its way to assist NSW farmers and communities currently under siege from an unrelenting mouse plague.

A $50 million package announced by the NSW Government today will deliver free-of-charge grain treatment at sites across the state and rebates for the cost of baits: $500 for households and $1000 for small businesses, delivered through Service NSW.

President Fiona Simson said the mice were impacting not only crops and pastures, grain storages and farm equipment but households.

“The mice have infiltrated almost every corner of farmers lives and businesses and the problem is not only applying financial pressure.

Research by both NSW Farmers and Charles Sturt University found western NSW residents have reported to have suffered mental anguish from the constant need to fend off and mop up the pests trail of destruction. There is also concern that the mice are contaminating food and water and there is a constant fear of the spread of the many human diseases spread by mice.

Ms Simson welcomed a guarantee by NSW Agriculture Minister, Adam Marshall that farmers, households and businesses would not face undue delay or red tape in accessing the grain treatment or bait rebates.

“The last thing families battling this terrible problem need is a mountain of paperwork to access the assistance.”

The NSW Government will also form an advisory committee to ensure communities can access  expert advice, including the latest hot spots, health and food safety advice, information for vets and guidance for keeping children and animals safe.

Find out more about the help on offer here.


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