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City welcomes more QANTAS flights for Bendigo

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City of Greater Bendigo, Media Release, 23 April 2021

QANTAS plane
Image: City of Greater Bendigo

Qantas will add more flights to the Bendigo to Sydney route and has made tickets more flexible to accommodate changing COVID-19 restrictions across Australia.

Qantas have announced that from May 24 it will increase to a two flight a day return service. This means there will be two flights a day leaving Bendigo and two flights arriving from Sydney.

The flights will leave Bendigo at 6.30am and midday every day except Sunday (which will be at 9.15am and midday). Flights will arrive from Sydney at 11.40am and 8.20pm every day except for Saturday (11.40am and 5.15pm).

Qantas has been flying daily flights from Bendigo to Sydney since April. This increase in flights is more than was available prior to COVID-19.

Qantas has also recently introduced greater ticket flexibility to encourage people to book despite changing travel restrictions. Travellers can book any eligible Qantas operated flight and have the option to change the date of travel as often as needed.

Mayor Cr Jennifer Alden said Qantas’ announcement of more flights was great news for Bendigo.

“We are already at a pre COVID-19 flight schedule and for Qantas to announce more flights so soon after returning to this schedule shows our service has been well utilised,” Cr Alden said.

“Both residents and businesses were making great use of these flights before COVID-19 and it’s great to see people’s confidence returning.

“The additional flights will give travellers more flights to choose from, making the service more convenient for residents, businesses and visitors.

“With flexible ticket options and even more flights coming on line, we hope to see continued use of this service in the coming months.”

Qantas’ “Fly Flexible” policy offers customers who book flights before 31 July 2021 added flexibility with unlimited fee free date changes when travelling before 28 February 2022.

For information on Qantas ticket flexibility, go to


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