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WA Forest Alliance endorsement

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Shire of Denmark, Media Release, 13 April 2021

The Shire of Denmark recently committed to support the West Australian Forest Alliance (WAFA) and their efforts to protect high conservation forests.

Shire staff recently met with representatives from WAFA to discuss how the Shire could advocate for conservation reform. It comes after Council resolved last month to support WAFA’s work and to advocate for the inclusion of traditional custodians in the reform process.

Shire of Denmark CEO David Schober said he was pleased to support the community’s aspirations in advocating for protection of our forests in WA.

“The West Australian Forest Alliance has a large support base in our community which was emphasised by members of the public before the motion was tabled at our Ordinary Council Meeting in March,” Mr Schober said.

By endorsing this motion, Council made a commitment in line with community expectations and we look forward to working closely with West Australian Forest Alliance to achieve positive outcomes for our community and natural environment in WA.”

The resolution was carried unanimously on the same evening Council endorsed the new Sustainability Strategy which commits the Shire to take on a leadership role within the community.

“When Council endorsed our new Sustainability Strategy we committed to a number of key principles and objectives including committing to prioritise protection of natural bushland habitats,” Mr Schober said.

Support for WAFA aligns closely with several other objectives and commitments laid out in the new Sustainability Strategy and represents another step forward as the Shire demonstrates strong leadership in meeting community expectations.


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