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Marine permaculture base for SE Queensland

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Malcolm Prowse, The Climate Foundation

World leading mariculture expert, Dr Brian Von Herzen has just been granted a special talent visa to Australia and has set up his organisation’s focus of operations in South East Queensland. 

Marine permaculture farm
Marine permaculture. Photo: Climate Foundation

The Climate Foundation has significant projects underway in Tasmania, Queensland and South Australia and hopes to develop its activities to achieve offshore commercial scale seaweed propagation for food, fertiliser and feed, biofuel, pharmaceutical and biotech applications.

The Climate Foundation’s mariculture worlds best practice has previously been recognised in Australia with the Blue Water Economy Prize awarded by Minister Julie Bishop in 2017. Dr Von Herzen has also recently been awarded the Sir Edmund Hilary Scholarship from New Zealand and was based in the United States and more recently Singapore with projects in Indonesia and the Phillipines.

Philanthropic, Corporate, Academic and Government support has been growing rapidly around the Foundations quest to develop commercial scale seaweed farms that have the potential to sequester gigatonnes of carbon, replenish fish stocks and help stabilize our land based agriculture with chemical free next generation feed and fertilizer applications.

Discussions are underway to use advanced upwelling marine solar and wave action technology to explore cooling parts of the Great Barrier reef during extreme weather events.

Previous projects in Samoa and the USA have produced encouraging results preventing and reversing coral bleaching.

Malcolm Prowse


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