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ANZ temporary branch closure concerns local customers

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The Member for Barkly has called out the corporate ANZ company for its lack of stable banking facilities in Tennant Creek.

A number of customers who had been waiting outside the local branch since its 9.30am opening time on Tuesday were frustrated by its closure.

Barkly MLA Steve Edgington highlighted the plight of residents without keycards, who were left without any banking services due to the closure. He also emphasised the difficulties faced by local business owners.

“Business operators are unable to make deposits, withdrawals or access change to trade efficiently and effectively in Tennant Creek,” he said.

“I think the main issue is the number of staff ANZ has and the backup arrangements in place.

“It indicates if someone is sick, the whole operation comes to a standstill.”

Since Westpac just packed up and abandoned its Barkly customers by closing its doors in September 2022, additional pressure has been placed on the Tennant Creek Post Office.

Temporary closures of the town’s sole bank branch only increase that pressure.

“It’s an indication that corporate bank services are gradually reducing their services to regional and remote areas,” said Mr Edgington.

“I think banks need to look at resourcing into those areas where needed.”

The Tennant Times reached out to ANZ yesterday about the temporary closure.

NT District Manager Sophia Dullaway said that, unfortunately, the branch must temporarily alter its opening hours from time to time due to staffing challenges.

“We understand the frustration this can cause, and our team has been working to minimise disruptions as much as possible,” she said.

“ANZ is committed to supporting the needs of the Tennant Creek community.

“We will shortly relocate to a brand new branch – an investment demonstrating our commitment to our presence in Tennant Creek.

“The new branch will be staffed with banking consultants who can assist members of the community with personal and business banking needs. It will also have two Smart ATMs with 24/7 customer access.”

ANZ says it is actively working to recruit in the local community for team members to join its branch and that the new branch will have two intelligent ATMs that allow customers to deposit cash and cheques, transfer between accounts, and change their PIN.

Tennant & District Times 5 April 2024

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 5 April 2024.


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