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Wind farm proposed for Allora region

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Meeting called to discuss wind farm

A Victorian-based wind-power company is believed to be planning construction of up to 60 wind turbines and more than 30km of high-voltage power lines and towers in the Allora area.

Wind Prospect Pty Ltd have formally approached a number of landowners on the Eastern side of Allora to discuss the proposal, and are understood to be holding several on-farm private meetings with landholders this week to discuss the plans.

Wind farms have proven a controversial matter in rural areas across Australia, with residents and landowners often divided over the perceived benefits and drawbacks of the turbines in their (sometimes literal) backyards.

Given the high level of community interest in this issue and possible effects on both the community and the Allora region’s local environment, a Community Landholder information meeting will be held at 6.30pm sharp on Thursday, 14th March at the Allora Sports Club, aimed at providing as much information to local residents as possible.

All local landholders and residents are welcome to attend, with representatives from both Property Rights Australia and Agforce invited, along with State and Federal Members of Parliament and local mayor and councilors.

AgForce South East Queensland director Scott Reed said the farming peak body looked forward to the opportunity to assist Allora district landowners in getting more information on the subject.

“Agforce understands the community concerns and we will be attending the community event”

Goomburra valley property owner Graham Park was among those approached by the Wind farm group and said he welcomed the chance to attend a community meeting and “I am impressed that the Allora community is running a community event where we can all get more information,” he said.

“A wind turbine farm in the region is a whole new idea to me and I have mixed emotions and thoughts on the concept; I look forward to attending the meeting and hopefully getting some of my questions answered.”

Property Rights Australia spokesman Jim Willmott expressed his concern about the proposed development, especially based on his observations of large-scale turbine farms elsewhere.

“Industrial sized wind developments like this have cumulative impacts on rural landscapes and amenity, biodiversity values, agricultural systems, community infrastructure and overall regional liveability,” he said.

“The reckless roll-out of renewables are dividing communities and currently there are inadequate governance and strategic assessment mechanisms in place.”

Allora Advertiser 28 February 2024

This article appeared in the Allora Advertiser, 28 February 2024.


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