Thursday, November 30, 2023

Opposition Leader and Barkly MLA listen to the locals

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Locals across the Barkly had the chance to meet with the CLP Opposition Leader Lia Finocchiaro together with Member for Barkly Steve Edgington over the last week.

Ms Finocchiaro said the visit highlighted just how much locals were suffering from the promises continuously made to them by Labor but never followed through.

“Locals spoke about their heartbreaking circumstances with the increased levels of crime and domestic violence, as the region continues to be ignored,” she said.

Mr Edgington said there has been a staggering 281.6 per cent increase in house break-ins and a 196.52 per cent surge in property damage offences.

“This serves as a stark reminder of the challenges we endure under the Fyles Labor Government. Yet, having Lia here, locals know we, the CLP, stand united, determined to fortify neighbourhoods and protect homes,” he said.

Mrs Finocchiaro said it was encouraging to see some developments since her last visit on deliverables that Mr Edgington had been personally advocating for, like the long-awaited Youth Centre being opened and the announcement of the first dedicated school bus for Tennant Creek.

“That’s the difference a good grassroots member like Steve makes; he takes the fight to Government and forces them to take action on the things important to locals,” she said.

The CLP duo also travelled to Elliott to meet with the Local Authority as part of the CLP’s ongoing consultation on their commitment to community councils.

“Hearing directly from people about how they want their community councils to work is vital to shaping our policy. I look forward to continuing to work with Steve and have these discussions,” Ms Finocchiaro said. 

Tennant & District Times 1 7 November 2023

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 17 November 2023.


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