Monday, September 25, 2023

Boxing club back on its feet after knockout flood

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The boxing club tucked away in a Woodburn laneway was flooded last year.

It was the first time floodwaters came into the building, according to president and head trainer Gavin Begbie.

The Woodburn Amateur Boxing Club has been going since 1989 and a recent grant of $5000 from Richmond Valley Council has meant the club could replace the punching bags, boxing gloves and focus mitts.

Mayor Robert Mustow and general manager Vaughan Macdonald visited the Woodburn club to congratulate the committee.

The place smelt of new leather from the punching bags, the boxing ring looked sparkling –  the club was back.

There was no hint of the flood that brought in mud and washed away the boxing gloves.

“The punching bags were sodden,” Gavin said.

There was no way to dry them out, so with the grant money new ones were bought.

The club still needs $1500 for new floor mats and can apply in the next round of community grants.

Find out more about classes that run five days a week at the Woodburn Amateur Boxing Club Facebook page.

This article appeared on on 6 July 2023.

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