Thursday, October 5, 2023

Fashion brand Country Road comes to Casino

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Arum shop owner Georgie King happened upon a Country Road representative staying at the Clydesdale Motel in Casino.

The rep was scouting the region for possible locations for the fashion brand.

Only six stores in regional NSW will initially stock Country Road in the brand’s move to expand without having to set up a new shop.

The closest store to Casino stocking Country Road is in Byron Bay.

Georgie convinced the rep that Arum in Walker St was the place to have Country Road clothes.

That was a year ago.

Georgie had to send photos of the shop and explain why Country Road suited the customer base in and around Casino. The brand checked Georgie’s social media history for Arum.

She was excited when approval was finally given.

“It’s been awesome,” Georgie said.

“People know the brand and the quality.”

There is a section in Arum that has the Country Road shirts, tshirts and jeans.

Country Road is only sold in-store, it is not available online.

Georgie has her eye set on bringing the Witchery brand to Casino too.

Head to downtown Casino and shop at Arum open weekdays 9am–4pm and on Saturdays 9am–noon.


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