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‘Reduction revolution’ turns attention to electric cars

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Electric vehicles were the focus of a Totally Renewable Denmark showcase on May 21 at Berridge Park with keen interest among the group.

Apart from promoting ‘electrify everything’ running off ‘renewable energy’, TRD’s objective is ‘reduction revolution’ which means considering resource consumption when swapping goods for electric ones.

At the showcase an EV enthusiast said 130 e-bikes batteries comprised one Tesla battery and the transition to EVs should be part of an integrated transport plan.

Attendees heard how the uptake of EVs was slow in Australia unlike most of the rest of the world.

This was mainly due to the delay in the implementation of fuel-efficiency standards which have been in place in developed countries for many years.

These standards regulate vehicle emissions and contribute towards a zero emissions future.

A Q and A panel was made up of local EV owners, including shire president Ceinwen Gearon, a couple with a hybrid car and electrical engineer George Knowlden who is converting his Suzuki Jimny into a 4WD EV.

Discussion covered topics such as battery life, warranty, efficiency, car charging, range anxiety, car conversions, climatic concerns and costs associated with purchasing, charging and maintaining EVs.

When worn out, the powerful batteries can be downgraded to be used in home solar systems.

Paul Wilson explained how much over the lifespan of his car he would save on fuel and maintenance.

Though an EV is unaffordable for most Australians with the price starting at $40,000, as the second-hand market increases and more vehicles are imported into Australia, more car users will switch to EVs.

TRD is investigating a share economy, bulk-purchasing schemes and micro-finance opportunities.

Anyone interested in the TRD Working Group should email Denmark project officer@greenskills.org.au Access to charging stations and range anxiety are concerns when considering purchasing an EV in regions where there is a big distance between charging stations.

The State Government, Western Power and Synergy are working on the WA EV Network installing 98 EV chargers across 49 locations, aimed to boost EV uptake to help reach the target of net zero by 2050.

Attendees at the showcase were told that an EV battery sits under the car and extends along the length and width.

The Shire of Denmark is converting its entire fleet to electric.

One of the panellists recently went on a road trip to Victoria in his EV.

Denmark Bulletin 1 June 2023

This article appeared in the Denmark Bulletin, 1 June 2023.


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