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Enabling a stronger and more resilient defence industry: Fyles

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The Hon. Natasha Fyles, Chief Minister of the Northern Territory, and Minister for Defence (NT), Media Release, 17 May 2023

The Northern Territory is currently on show at the Northern Australia Defence Summit – a key industry event to promote opportunities and enhance support for the defence industry.

The Northern Territory is positioned as a key enabler for defence in the Indo-Pacific region and the Northern Territory Government is undertaking a range of strategic investments to support a capable and resilient defence industry.

These investments will complement those proposed in the Defence Strategic Review, which was released last month.

The Defence Strategic Review has triggered one of the greatest shifts in the Australian Defence Force’s structure, posture and investment priorities since the Second World War.

The review shows the Territory will benefit through:

  • Upgrades and expansion to strengthen Australia’s northern network of air-bases, including RAAF Darwin and RAAF Tindal and other bases in Northern WA and Qld.
  • Expansion and acceleration of the LAND 8710 – Army Littoral Manoeuvre Vessels to be likely be based and sustained in Northern Australia.
  • The creation of supporting infrastructure, strengthening the supply chain and logistics servicing as Defence increases operations in Northern Australia.

Additional investment from Defence is good news for Territorians. Defence is already a significant contributor to the Territory economy, representing 11.1% of our annual GSP.

Additionally Budget 2023 highlights a $2.24 billion infrastructure investment in numerous projects which will not only have defence capabilities, but will further connect the Territory, and support local business, including upgrades to the Victoria Highway, Buntine Highway and Carpentaria Highway.

Work is also well advanced on construction of the $270 million fuel storage depot at East Arm in support of the United States defence force.

Quotes attributed to Chief Minister and Minister for Defence, Natasha Fyles:

“Territorians recognise and respect the significance of both our historic and current role in the nation’s security.

“Defence Summit is the first major defence and national security event following the release of the Defence Strategic Review last month.

“Investments highlighted in this review will create local jobs and support local businesses.

“Sealing Territory roads, energy security and improved maritime infrastructure are priorities for our Government to unlock economic opportunities for all.


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