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Raiders Aust Day success!

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It was a full day of action for the Koondrook Barham Football Netball Club on Thursday with the famous Trend Skate and Surf and River Raiders Annual Australia Day Lilo Race and a $7,000 Raiders 22/23 Reverse Draw.

The lilo race had 217 entries, which sees contestants paddle or float from the Koondrook boat ramp downstream to the Barham boat ramp.

There was a wide range of impressive lilos, one child seated in an army tank that had a functioning water cannon.

For those keen to grab the title of fastest lilo for 2023, the winners were, first adult Candice Coote, and first child Dusty Bohn.

Trend Skate and Surf proprietor Bree Derksen said, “It was such a great morning.

“So good to see lots of locals and regular visitors joining in. Lots of new faces too!

“It’s such a great event for our community!”

Following the race, the crowd moved to the Raiders sporting complex for the $7,000 Reverse Draw.

The club thanked the volunteers who did a wonderful job in putting on two popular social events in the one day.

Reverse Raffle Results were:

  • Last Out – Courtney Dean.
  • 2nd Last Out – David Reily.
  • 3rd Last Out – Georgia Snowdon.
  • 1st Out – Paul Molin. 

See the full Australia Day coverage in the issue.

The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper, 2 February 2023

This article appeared in The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper, 2 February 2023.


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