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Maldon Streetscape Project almost complete

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The Maldon Streetscape Revitalisation Project, which has been underway for several years (in fact, the push to have power lines put underground is believed to have started over 50 years ago), is now nearing completion.

Senior Project Manager Jeff Jackson said, “We’re finishing off the last five per cent of the project over the next few weeks; unfortunately, there have been some delays, mostly due to weather conditions.”

The final stages of the project include filling the tree bases with crushed granite, finishing and modifying the bridges, modifying car park signage and installing crossings.

“We used pre-fabricated bridges, and some of those are longer than the drains,” said Jeff. “We will now reduce the bridges to the drain width and asphalt accordingly. Half of the modifications have already been completed, customising the bridge size to each individual location.”

Jeff told the Times that the tree bases assist in improving the welfare of the trees by allowing more absorption of water and also act as a traffic-calming device by providing a visual obstacle, which slows traffic.

“They have also allowed for more car-parking space,” said Jeff. “We’re unable to line-mark the parks due to heritage concerns, so it is dependant on individuals parking their cars appropriately.”

After consulting with arborists and conducting radar testing, to inform existing root locations, works can now commence on removing tree roots that are blocking drains on High Street, allowing drain works to be completed.

Carpark signage will soon be modified to be in line with crossing locations, and five more seats will be installed shortly.

There has been a delay in the provision of four pairs of specially designed heritage waste and recycle bins which are expected to be installed within a few months.

Council will also be re-designing the way-finding signage, including the map of the area and finger post-signage.

Construction on Old Bank Corner will begin in a week (subject to weather conditions) and is expected to take two weeks to a month. These works will include resurfacing, which will remove the current trip hazard, as well as minor changes to existing furniture and landscaping.

Following the completion of Old Bank Corner, work will begin on the two crossings on High Street and Main Street (at the tip of Old Bank Corner).

Jeff said, “The crossings are really understated, with granite sets and white posts which came from recommendations after the prototypes last year, which is a good outcome.”

Event power has been included throughout the town, on Dolphin Street, Old Bank Corner and at the Wheel and Loom,  to assist event organisers.

“These will be dressed to match the bins,” said Jeff. “There will also be a partial remodelling of the drain between the Kangaroo Hotel and Maldon CFA. This was the first section completed and needs to be reworked.”

New funding will also allow for an extension of the footpath from the hardware store down to Tobin Street, which was not originally part of the design.

“It has been challenging to meet the communities expectations,” said Jeff. “But I’m happy with the way the project has been completed. It’s understated and will give the town longevity. I really like the fact that it doesn’t look like anything has been done. The under-grounding of power was a massive improvement, and the benefits to the trees are already being seen. The whole project has refreshed the town.”

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Tarrangower Times 9 September 2022

This article appeared in the Tarrangower Times, 9 September 2022.


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