Thursday, December 8, 2022

Carbon credit profits as primary production income – Carbon Count CEO Phil Mulvey’s view

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Phil Mulvey
Phil Mulvey, CEO, Carbon Count.

Phil Mulvey, CEO, Carbon Count responded to Australian Rural & Regional News on the announcement: Tax changes for farmers to bolster land stewardship: Littleproud, Taylor, Sukkar

“The latest government announcement about primary producers being able to claim their carbon credit profits as part of their primary production income looks positive indeed.

What is important to understand however is that this development, whilst positive, is only benefiting those primary producers that have already started a carbon farming project and are soon ready to sell.

What this development doesn’t doesn’t do is incentivise farmers to take up a carbon project in the first place; the key issue we need to overcome to meet our netzero2050 targets.

What we need most now are governmental incentives that mitigate the financial barriers of entry for farmers and enable them to get started fast.”

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