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Local girls fundraise to help vet practice

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Happy puppies
Happy puppies: Nichole Konedaris, Kirra Carse, Deserae Daws and Kameryn Piper hold the adorable puppies in the care of the Barkly Veterinary Practice. Photo: Tennant & District Times

This week there was an amazing demonstration of kindness and selflessness from Tennant Creek youth which deserves to be widely acknowledged.

Three young girls, Nichole Konedaris, Kirra Carse and Kamryn Piper surprised the Barkly Veterinary Practice with a huge donation of pet supplies, including food, toys, treats, blankets and bedding for animals undergoing veterinary care in town.

The supplies were purchased with funds the girls had raised from selling the almost 200 cupcakes they had made, all under the supervision of Nichole’s mum Jennifer.

While Jenn supervised for safety reasons, she was most insistent it was all the girl’s idea and hard work, refusing to be in any of the photographs, as it was the girls who deserved the recognition for all their efforts.

The girls all have pets which have been under the practice’s care in the past, and were well aware that the vet not only treats patients, but also assists in re-homing strays and treating injured native animals.

Doggy treats
Doggo treats: Barkly Veterinary Practice’s Kelsey Fyffe, Shoni Smith and Kate Foran with the pet supply gifts donated by the three local children. Photo: Tennant & District Times

With this in mind, the girls decided to help these unfortunate animals in a practical way to give them the best chance for their future.

None of the donations will be profited from in any way, and the animals will no doubt appreciate their kindness.

After Office Manager, Kate Foran, managed to dry her eyes, the girls had the treat of playing with a few of the animals currently at the clinic, some of whom will no doubt benefit from their amazing donation.

Tennant & District Times 27 August 2021

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 27 August 2021.


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