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Notes from recent activities at the Lord Howe Island Museum

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Lord Howe Island Museum, The Lord Howe Island Signal

Collection significance assessment

In June, Melanie Piddocke from Queensland Museum visited the Island to undertake a Collection Significance Assessment of the collections held at the Lord Howe Island Museum. Melanie was very impressed by the collection, and spent a lot more time in the museum than she had anticipated, as the collections held are quite extensive; with artefacts, library, artworks, philately, maps and more. By the end of August, we should have the completed report, highlighting the local, state, national and international significance of the collection.

Photo: eHive screenshot

Cataloguing online

The Museum committee has also commenced cataloguing the artefacts held in the collection on a web-based system called eHive – anyone in the world can go online and view items held in the collection. Over the next few months, it is hoped most of the collection will be online. Go online to eHive Lord Howe Island and view records entered so far. If anyone would like to help with the cataloguing process, work ls being done each Thursday at the museum, call in and lend a hand.

Signal archive accessible at the museum

With the help of our President Robyn Warner’s son-in-law Peter van Dijke, the museum now has a very accessible digital archive of all issues of the Island newspaper, Signal. These are on an iPad with a searchable function so that a user can type in a name, a word, and instantly have all of the Signals with that name or word brought up and the word highlighted in yellow. This makes for a very user-friendly way to research family, friends, events from the Island newspaper going back to the 1950’s. If you visit the museum on Sundays the President or Curator can quickly show you how this works, so you can do some searching; or make an appointment to come down at any other time.

The Lord Howe Island Signal 31 July 2021

This article appeared in The Lord Howe Island Signal, 31 July 2021.


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