Saturday, September 30, 2023

American investor hoping for meaty return from Qld aggregation

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Kaiuroo Aggregation
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New York-based investment firm The Rohatyn Group is hoping for more than $55 million from the sale of the 28,000-hectare Kaiuroo Aggregation in Central Queensland’s Mackenzie River district.

Located some 220k kilometres west of Rockhampton in the Fitzroy River Basin, the aggregation comprises the 5,889-hectare Kaiuroo, Coreen (4,528 hectares),  Eskfield (3,636 hectares) and Yambuk (17,914 hectares).

Kaiuroo’s production system includes Certified Organic beef for domestic and international markets, genetically evaluated Grey and Red Brahman commercial and seedstock herds, large-scale irrigation, and irrigated and dryland crops.

The aggregation has carried between 4,000 and 7,400 head of cattle over the last four years.

The cropping area includes 1,650 hectares with organic certification, 917 hectares of which is irrigated.

The Rohatyn Group has invested in irrigation infrastructure, which now allows tailwater to be reused at both Kaiuroo and Coreen. There are eight different storage sites.

It also holds 11,000 megalitres in irrigation water entitlements. Two major pump sites are located on the Mackenzie River, and additional sites are on Lake Mary and Lake Meredith.

Elders is managing the expressions of interest campaign, which closes on 6 August.


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