Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Researchers have developed two new tools to enhance and support emergency team management

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Bushfire & Natural Hazards CRC, Media Release, 19 April 2021

Emergency management teams are often required to work under considerable pressure and heavy workloads, during times of stress and fatigue. Researchers have developed two new tools that help support and enhance individual and team capabilities during emergencies.

bushfire sky
Photo: Stanley Li on Unsplash

Hazard Note 92 presents the Emergency Management Non-Technical Skills tool, developed by A/Prof Chris Bearman and Dr Peter Hayes (CQUniversity) to help enhance non-technical skills, such as cognitive, social or personal skills, to complement existing technical skills.

Hazard Note 93 presents the Key Tasks Cognitive Aid, developed by Dr Hayes, A/Prof Bearman, Mark Thomason AFSM (South Australian Country Fire Service) and Peter Bremner (CQUniversity) to support emergency management team performance by providing a checklist of key tasks that need to be completed during an emergency.

The Emergency Management Non-Technical Skills tool and the Key Tasks Cognitive Aid are part of a suite of six tools that enhance emergency management teamwork. Access all six tools on the CRC’s Online Tools page in the ‘Teamwork tools’ section.



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