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Lapping at the Rappy

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They had been planning to construct a lake out the back of the Rappville Pub.

But publicans Lisa Rosenbaum and Col Foyster didn’t expect the deluge last week to leave a body of water so vast it lapped at the steps of the back veranda as Rappville faced flooding.

Cocktails on the garden table
High tide: Publican Lisa Rosenbaum takes a break on top of the garden tables surrounded by floodwater at the Rappville Pub. Photo: Col Foyster

A year and half ago, the village was on fire and the pub was saved twice from the flames. Last week, Rappville was deluged with rain and floodwaters from Busbys Flat had nowhere to drain and sat in a lagoon around the pub.

On Monday, March 22, Lisa said they were watching the water rise and began to empty timber and furniture from the sheds and position them on higher ground.

By the end of the day, Rappville Rd was flooded and the village was cut off.

“Trapped like in a fire,” Lisa said. “The street was like a river.”

Lisa and Col took over the pub nine months ago when the village was still recovering from the October 8, 2019 fire.

Lisa with the pub in the background. Photo: Col Foyster

They didn’t expect to be swimming after wine barrels that floated away when the floodwater hit.

“Someone’s water tank ended up in our backyard,” Lisa said.

Through it all they kept serving drinks at the bar.

Dave Newby came to the pub in a tractor to get through the floodwaters, she said.

On Thursday, the roads into Rappville were finally open again and the clean-up began.

Before the water receded around the pub, Lisa and Col decided to have some fun taking photos of their unplanned lake, calling it The Rappville Resort.

“When you close your eyes, you’ll feel you’re in the Bahamas,” Lisa said.

The pub’s kitchen is being renovated and is expected to open in late May.

Richmond River Independent 31 March 2021

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This article appeared in the Richmond River Independent, 31 March 2021.


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