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Over 130 street trees planted

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Maitland City Council, Media Release, 5 March 2021

Planting has finished with round one of Council’s Community Street Tree Planting Program seeing 136 trees installed during February.

Expressions of interest were called from residents in September 2020, and the positive level of response received highlighted people’s interest in environmentally driven projects and green spaces in Maitland.

Source : Maitland City Council.

Over the past months, arborists assessed each requested location to determine the site suitability and the best species to be planted based on a range of criteria, including existing trees in the nearby area. Some of the various trees used in the program included native and non-native species such as Bottlebrush, Brush Box, Crepe Myrtle, Water Gum and Lilly Pilly due to their suitability for the Maitland climate, ability to grow well in the area’s soil, environmental beauty and lack of disruptions to utilities.

Residents have taken responsibility for looking after the trees during the establishment stage by watering and caring for their tree. Council would like to thank the community for their great support and engagement in the program and look forward to delivering more urban greening and urban heat management programs in the future.


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