Friday, April 19, 2024

Kookaburra Calling – Eden-Monaro by election

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Kookaburra, ARR.News
Kookaburra, ARR.News
Kookaburra is a debonair master of the treeverse whose flights of fancy cover topics ranging from the highs of art and film to the lows of politics and the law. Kookaburra's ever watchful beady eyes seek out even the smallest worms of insight for your intellectual degustation!

Kookaburra has been noticing some strange manoeuvrings in the Eden-Monaro by-election battle. The How to Votes of the candidates representing the major parties, rather like the eyes of a patient, are perhaps a mirror of deeper things. As the saying goes, it is not whom you put first on the ballot paper which gives you the most joy, but whom you put last. So, lets see whom the major parties like least.

The Liberals have placed Kirsty McBain of the ALP at Number 11, but save their greatest ire for Karen Porter of the New Liberals (presumably as opposed to the Old Liberals, and hence the ire perhaps) at Number 12, followed by the Greens Cathy Griff at lucky Number 13, leaving the splendidly named independent, Riccardo Bosi at Number 14.

Somewhat surprisingly, the National Party has placed the ALP at Number 4 – hoping for the ALP to win to enable Barra to run next time? Even the Shooters and Fishers, a ‘known known’ if ever there were one for the Nats, are at Number 9. The Nationals relegate the bottom four positions to James Jansson of the Science Party (who needs science anyway?) at Number 11, then Michael Balderstone of the Hemp Party at Number 12 (maybe the Libs actually like hemp, as they have the Hemp Party at 6?), Riccardo Bosi at 13, and, the Greens, perceived as the arch-enemies of the Nats, at 14.

The Greens, not reciprocating with the same extreme distaste as that expressed for them by the Nats, have placed Trevor Hicks of the Nats at Number 10. At Number 11 is Narelle Storey the Christian Democrat candidate (the Greens crossing swords with the Almighty?), at Number 12 is Jason Potter of the Australian Federation Party (yes, they do exist), at Number 13 is Matthew Stadtmiller of the Shooters and Fishers and at Number 14 is, you guessed it, Riccardo Bosi. There does appear to be somewhat of an anti-farmer representative parties in the Green’s selections, putting even the Libs at 9.

Meanwhile, the ALP has placed Trevor Hicks of the Nats at 7 – so, not much quid pro quo apparent there. As for the bottom places, the ALP appears to have followed generally the same approach as their preference swapping pals, the Greens, by relegating places 11 and 12 to the Christian Democrats and the Australian Federation Party respectively. The Liberals, somewhat inevitably, are at 13 and, maintaining a pretty consistent record, at 14, is – Riccardo Bossi.

No doubt the candidate with the best set of preference flows will win!



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