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It has been a busy year for Lord Howe Tourism! Lord Howe Island received a lot of media coverage through our familiarisation program in 2023. 

Trevor Cochrane and the crew of Guru Productions filmed an entire episode on Lord Howe Island for Explore TV as part of the ‘Explore Australia’ series on Channel 9. Masterchef Judge, Melissa Leong was invited by the LHITA to visit Lord Howe and stayed at Island House. Melissa has since then written several LHI stories for ‘Escape’ and posted her adventures on her social channels. In October, the LHITA had the pleasure of welcoming Shaun White and GoPro Ambassadors, Danielle Scott and Kyle ‘te Kiwi’ Mulinder, Carlos McCarthy and Daniel James Andrew to test and launch the new action DGI mini Pro GoPro camera. The new camera was put through its paces on Lord Howe Island, which was described as “one of Australia’s most beautiful Islands” in the media.

Renowned photographer, Mark Fitz, also visited Lord Howe earlier in the year to create content for the LHITA. Mark’s photographic eye for island destinations vibrantly captured Lord Howe’s beauty as a fun and adventurous holiday destination. Mark’s visit resulted in a portfolio of images and videos shared widely on our social media channels as well as with the media throughout the year. 

Lord Howe Island also made it overseas with the article Find Your Paradise on This Remote Australian Island in Thrillist Magazine by Kristen Pope, and she wasn’t the only overseas visitor in 2023. Following a very successful visit to Lord Howe Island in October, 2023, a sneak-peek of Patagonia’s KIN film produced on the Island was screened at the LHI Brewery in early December to support the Lord Howe Island Community Nippers Club 2024 Surf Camp Fundraiser. The aim of Patagonia’s visit to Lord Howe was to produce creative content to inspire people to love and care for our oceans. We are excited to share the film with all of Lord Howe when the final film launches in February.

“Our ambassadors and creative team were so inspired by the extraordinary work the Island community are doing to protect the natural environment and remarkable marine ecosystems. We are excited to share KIN with the world in Feb!” – Ula Majewski, Environmental Coordinator, Patagonia

We would like to take the opportunity to thank you all for your ongoing support of the LHITA and of course your continued contribution to our local tourism industry. 

Merry Christmas from all of us at the LHITA and the Visitor Centre!

The Lord Howe Island Signal 31 December 2023

This article appeared in The Lord Howe Island Signal, 31 December 2023.


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