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Workshop on flood resilience and recovery

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Cambooya Landcare will host a workshop dealing with flood resilience and recovery at the Felton Hall this Saturday, 25th November.

Intense rainfall events can damage farm, road and other infrastructure and lead to severe soil loss, with long term consequences for pasture and crop production and the health of creek systems.

In February 2022, severe flooding resulted in a flood break-out event and major erosion with extensive soil loss to a depth of one metre at the lower end of Umbiram Creek near its confluence with Hodgson Creek.

Such events are costly in terms of damage repair and lost agricultural production.

In response to local concerns, Cambooya Landcare acquired funding from the Queensland Department of Communities, Housing and Digital Economy to coordinate a project to support local landholders to work together to better understand flood risk and ways to reduce the speed at which floodwaters move through the Umbiram Creek system and the incidence and severity of flood break-outs.

The project also involves local drone technology company, Hawkeye Access, to measure elevations along the creek, and draws on soil conservation consultant, Mark Genrich.

Cambooya Landcare will host a flood resilience and recovery workshop at Felton Hall this Saturday from 2pm.

Presenters will include Joseph Canning (Hawkeye Access), Mark Genrich; and Paul Webb – a certified hydrographer with expertise in landscape processes, water resources and sustainability from Southern Queensland Landscapes.

All interested landholders are welcome.

The workshop will be followed by the Cambooya Landcare Association’s annual general meeting and a barbecue, RSVP to

On Our Selection News 23 November 2023

This article appeared in On Our Selection News, 23 November 2023.


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