Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Boys do the Barkly proud at ASPA footy championships

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Pam Dillon, Barkly Region Sport Education Coordinator, Tennant & District Times

Dre Jackson from Elliott and Duqarn Foster from Tennant Creek were chosen to represent the NT at Australian School Sport Australian Football Championships held in NSW.

The cold conditions had all the players making sure their beanies and scarfs were in great use off the field.

At one stage Duqarn was freezing cold as he had to wear two shirts and three jumpers while Dre rugged up under a blanket to keep warm on the sideline.

A local person came up to them saying that this is a warm day.

NT did not win a game but the team enjoyed playing against other states and put in 100% into each game.

Dre and Duqarn had a fantastic time visiting the Burraja Indigenous Cultural and Environment Discovery Centre, Strike Bowling and BBQ with team members families that travelled down to the championships. 

Tennant & District Times 15 September 2023

This article appeared in Tennant & District Times, 15 September 2023.


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