Tuesday, October 3, 2023

RSPCA worked with experts on bison, but doesn’t say why they died

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A few weeks back, stories were circulating about welfare issues for some local bison, including that several had died and more were at risk.

Several times IndyNR.com contacted the RSPCA for comment about what was going on with the bison at the closed Aranyani Bison Adventure Tourist Park.

It took several days to even get confirmation from the RSPCA that it was taking an interest in the issue.

Once we had that confirmation on April 20, we reported the deaths of bison at Myrtle Creek.

On April 21, the day after that report, the bison were moved off the farm.

On Monday, April 24, the RSPCA gave a minimal response. Here is what it said:

“We can confirm that we have been working with a Local Land Services district veterinarian and a livestock nutritional expert for several weeks, in response to welfare concerns for bison in poor body condition located at the Aranyani Bison Adventure Tourist Park.

“During this time, our inspectorate and Local Land Services visited the property on several occasions, collecting fecal samples to test for internal parasites, as well as providing written directions including a feeding and care plan to the receivership company of the tourist park, who confirmed acceptance of the directions.

“We can also confirm the remaining bison were reassessed by the Local Land Service district veterinarian and advised they were in a condition where they were fit to be transported to another property for ongoing care.

“A further written direction has been issued to the person in charge and will be subject to ongoing inspections by RSPCA NSW.

“As this matter is still part of an active investigation, we are unable to disclose any other information at this time.”

This article appeared on indyNR.com on 24 April 2023.


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