Sunday, June 4, 2023

Rethinking methane: renowned scientist Professor Frank Mitloehner on GWP*, GWP 100 and climate neutrality

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Associate Professor Matthew HarrisonTasmanian Institute of Agriculture, University of Tasmania, February 2023

In this invited presentation at the Tasmanian Institute of Agriculture in Launceston on 13 February 2023, renowned US scientist Professor Frank Mitloehner discusses:

  1. Key differences between methane and carbon dioxide in terms of global warming,
  2. Alternative methods for estimating global warming, including GWP* and GWP100,
  3. Californian policy incentives to reduce agricultural methane,
  4. Interventions for reducing methane, including animal breeding, manure lagoons, feed supplements such as Asparagopsis, 3-NOP, dietary oils, and others,
  5. Co-benefits and trade-offs associated with avenues for reducing livestock methane,
  6. Relevance of methane for reducing global warming against a background of maintaining food security,
  7. Climate neutrality (global temperature change) vs carbon neutrality (carbon emissions), and implications for the livestock sector
  8. Early lifetime programming, early changes to the rumen to influence lifetime methane emissions
  9. A call to action to reduce global methane


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