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Students rock on and meet their idol Keith Urban

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The Brisbane Entertainment Centre became the classroom for Urbenville Public School students last night, Saturday, December 3.

The students were special guests of rockstar Keith Urban.

Teacher Mel Sifko said they “had the most magical night”.

“We were ushered in through a VIP entrance to our own special room.

“The students were treated a private meeting with Keith. He came in and hugged and spoke to every student by name. He spent time hanging out and chatting with them. He was so genuine and generous. He even invited the students back on his next tour to spend the afternoon with him to sing on stage.”

The school’s association with Urban started when they were learning his songs. The star heard about it and he held a surprise Zoom session with the students. Then Urban bought a guitar for every student at the small school. There is even a cardboard cut-out of Urban at the school.

Going to Urban’s concert in Brisbane and meeting him in person was the biggest thrill yet.

He treated all the students to a personalised bag of merchandise signed for each student,  Ms Sifko said.

“His kindness and generosity were overwhelming.

“The students went wild in the concert.

“Keith said to think of it as their Utopia and no matter what was happening in the outside world to sing and dance and be free for the night.”

And they sure did that, Ms Sifko said.

“We were lucky enough to sit with Keith’s family and (student) Hunter even got a photo with Keith’s brother.”

Ms Sifko said they were so grateful as a small isolated rural school to have been given such an opportunity for the students.

“And mostly to show them that dreams do come true,” she said.

This article appeared on on 4 December 2022.
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