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Chris Oldfield, Naracoorte Community News

A medal reflecting 60 years of incredible service has been awarded to our distinguished CFS member and author, Rex Hall. Since the launch of his successful book, Forty Flaming Years, in 2007, Mr Hall has penned three more.

Mr Hall, one of Naracoorte’s favourite icons, was also a major force behind the town’s SA Volunteer Fire Fighters Museum.

His dedication to the CFS family over 60 years was recognised during a presentation on September 25 by eminent Scotsman, CFS chief officer Mark Jones.

It was the final day of service for Mr Jones in a position he often described as “the best job in the world”.

He said the best part of his job was seeing volunteers, and honouring them.

The presentation day involved two ceremonies – one at Naracoorte and the other at Lucindale. While at Lucindale, Moose Wilson of the Greenways Brigade was awarded SACFS Life Membership by Group Officer Patrick Ross.

Naracoorte Group CFS Recipients

National Emergency Medals

  • Naracoorte’s Andreas Bartosek, Peter Currie, Graham Dickson, Samuel Drummond, Harry Lawson, Allan Marshall, Paul McRostie, Bret Rumball, Shane Smith and Peter Toop
  • Region 5 Operations Brigade’s Michael Deland, Alison Fraser, Malcolm Johnston, Peter Riggs, Neal Slade and Bill Smith
  • Region 5 Headquarters’ Margaret Ludwig and Damon Whitwell

National Medal

  • Hynam’s Barry Clark and Grant Sambell, Kybybolite’s Mick Mills and Naracoorte’s Peter Toop

First Clasp to National Medal

  • Cadgee’s Errol Schenscher, Hynam’s Trevor Wray, Kybybolite’s Martin Dewhirst and Andrew Shepherd.

Second Clasp to National Medal

  • Cadgee’s Errol Schenscher, Hynam’s Gary Burgess, and Kybybolite’s Peter Schinckel

Third Clasp to National Medal

  • Cadgee’s Evan Roberts

SACFS Service Medal

  • Naracoorte’s Mary Tate, Region 5 Operations Brigade’s Lee Druwitt and Amanda Wilkin

20 Year Clasp

  • Naracoorte’s Peter Bull, Carol Bull and Mandy Corcoran, and Wrattonbully/Joanna’s Ian Tyler.

30 Year Clasp

  • Hynam’s Gary Haebich

40 Year Clasp

  • Bool Lagoon’s Richard Bourne and Peter De Garis, Hynam’s Gary Burgess, Naracoorte’s Andreas Bartosek, Wrattonbully/Joanna’s Barry Lush and Alan Possingham, Region 5 Operations Brigade’s Dean Ludwig and Margaret Ludwig.

50 Year Clasp

  • Cadgee’s Evan Roberts, Wrattonbully/Joanna’s Dean Williamson.

60 Year SACFS Service Medal

  • Region 5 Operations Brigade’s Rex Hall

Lucindale Group CFS Recipients

National Emergency Medal

  • Avenue Range’s Andrew Edwards, Nicholas Edwards and Abigail Goodman, Greenway’s Tracy Wilson, Lucindale’s Lindsay Kirkham, Stewarts Range’s Donald Schinckel and Woolumbool’s Aaron Clothier.

National Medal

  • Stewarts Range’s Ken Banning, with First and Second Clasp and Lucindale’s Lindsay Kirkham, with First, Second and Third Clasp.

SACFS Service Medal

  • Lucindale’s Trevor Rayner, and Stewarts Range’s Andrea Buckett.

20 Year Clasp

  • Woolumbool’s Melissa Thompson

30 Year Clasp

  • Greenway’s Moose Wilson and Lucindale’s Desma Jenke

40 Year Clasp

  • Greenways’ David Loxton, Lucindale’s Andy Cane, Jeff Davey, Ashley Wilkin, and Woolumbool’s Patrick Ross.

50 Year Clasp

  • Avenue Range’s Rexton Hocking, Stewarts Range’s Robert Boord.
Naracoorte Community News 12 October 2022

This article appeared in the Naracoorte Community News.


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