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Farmbot deploys over 5,000 remote water monitoring units across Australia

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Farmbot Monitoring Solutions, Media Release, 9 November 2021

Australian agritech grows exponentially as farmers prepare for future climate volatility in Australia and abroad

Photo: Farmbot Monitoring Solutions

Farmbot, a leading Australian agritech business, has now sold over 5,000 units, deploying to farms in every state and territory.

Growth has accelerated significantly over the past 18 months, as many farmers recover from one of the worst droughts on record and look to better prepare for the future.

Farmbot gives farmers real-time insights into their water levels, consumption rates, flow pressure and more to improve overall water management on-farm via sensors which provide insights and alerts through an online dashboard.

With rainfall becoming more unpredictable, droughts becoming more intense and a rise in the quick onset of ‘flash droughts’, farmers are seeking ways to manage the water resources they currently have and make decisions based on real-time data.

Andrew Coppin, managing director, Farmbot says that the company’s success is based on its solution addressing farmers’ most obvious problem.

“The first thought of just about every farmer in Australia each day is about weather and water,” he said.

“Is there enough water? Is it where it should be? Will it be able to reach livestock or crops?”

Interest in Farmbot and agritech solutions has also been boosted recently as Australian agriculture looks at ways to reduce its carbon footprint whilst the world watches the COP26 climate summit in Glasgow.

“One of the core benefits of a remote monitoring solution is that farmers travel across their properties far less, taking tens of thousands of fuel-inefficient vehicles off the road each day,” said Mr Coppin.

Photo: Farmbot Monitoring Solutions

“Of course, that alone isn’t going to totally wipe out the global carbon footprint, but it is a useful tactic in a broader strategy.

“When considered in the broader context around more efficient water use and improved animal welfare outcomes, Farmbot has a key role to play in any farmers sustainable farming strategy.”

The company boasts some of Australia’s largest farms as customers including Northern Territory cattle station, Crown Point Pastoral.

Colleen Costello, manager of Crown Point, says that Farmbot gives them back two of their most precious resources.

“As a producer there are two resources that we always need more of – water and time. Farmbot gives us more of both,” she said.

“With real-time alerts, we no longer have to send runners out to check all our tanks and dams.

“Now, we know within the minute whether a pump has broken, or if there are any other issues with our water tanks. It gives us priceless peace of mind.” 

Following on from its domestic success, Mr Coppin says Farmbot’s next move is a launch overseas where successful trials have already taken place.

“The issues surrounding climate volatility and drought are far from a unique Australian problem.

“Parts of the United States are enduring historic droughts, and farmers will be looking to technology to make sure they are better prepared for a future where chronic and flash droughts are more likely.

“That’s why we are already on the ground in the US, with a successful trial program underway in several states.

“We’re ready to export Australian water innovation,” Mr Coppin said. 

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