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Oodnadatta’s annual bronco branding event a resounding success

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Event participant Tony Williams in action roping a calf during the 36th Oodnadatta Bronco Branding and Campdraft in South Australia. Photo: NRRA

Australian Government National Recovery and Resilience Agency, Media Release, 16 August 2021

National Recovery and Resilience Agency Recovery Support Officer in Far North South Australia, Matt Humphrey, was recently lucky enough to enjoy the great sportsmanship and good old outback hospitality at the 36th Oodnadatta Bronco Branding and Campdraft.

The annual event has a lot of history in the Oodnadatta and the broader region and is one of the longest-running bronco branding competition in the country.

The event is more is more than just great horsemanship and outback skills. It is a chance for locals and visitors alike to come together and sit down for a meal, talk about their lives, meet new people, and enjoy some much needed down time from their busy and sometimes challenging remote lifestyle.

Throughout the day spectators watch as expert competitors participate in a sport based on how cattle were traditionally branded. It involves a catcher securing a calf from a large group of cattle, they then lead it to a bronco branding panel where team members work together to secure and brand the calf.

Matt, knows the challenges people face in this vast region and believes events like this are vitally important for remote rural communities.

“Locals look forward to this annual event, it’s a chance for families to get off the property and come together for a meal and a laugh,” Matt said.

National Recovery and Resilience Agency Recovery Support Officer Matt Humphrey (right) alongside participants of the 36th Oodnadatta Bronco Branding and Campdraft. Photo: NRRA

“I’m so proud that our Agency is an avid supporter of the event. Life in the outback can be tough and isolating, but our continued support lets locals know that the Australian Government hasn’t forgotten them,”

“I now that many people have been coming to this event each year since they were kids; I know that I’ll be doing my best to make sure it continues long into the future.”

The Agency was a proud to sponsor this event. Community events are a critical part of life in the bush, where living remotely and working through drought and COVID-19 restrictions mean that coming together with your neighbours to swap yarns and relax is more important than ever.

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