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Covid spared rod in region

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Aurora fishing
It was this big: Aurora, 3, caught this flathead on the Evans River. Photo: Nicolette Forster.

Claire Rankin, Richmond River Independent

Fishing for essential reasons such as food and exercise was permitted during the covid lockdown.

Evans Head Sports and Marine’s Narelle Scrimshaw spoke to police who confirmed fishing was allowed as long as it was within a Woodburn and Broadwater boundary.

The lockdown had meant no travellers or day trippers because of the 5km limit on allowed travel, she said.

Although fishing was allowed, not a tight line or a bent rod was to be seen on the north or south wall at Evans Head or along the main beach.

A lone surfer was spotted, along with dog walkers, bicycle riders and toddler tamers.

Recreational fishing is allowed in NSW as long as covid rules are followed, as the Government views socially distanced fishing as “passive exercise”.

Not considered to be “a reasonable excuse” or “essential activity”, it was going to be banned along with skate parks and other sporting activities.

However, Police Minister David Elliott said he obtained legal advice from the Police General Council that it was “passive exercise”. He also had a ban on recreational boating removed.

Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said just because fishing was permitted, it was not an invitation to go boating en masse.

Police advice is that fishing is permitted as long as people follow all other rules in relation to social distancing and gatherings of two or more.

Richmond River Independent 18 August 2021

This article appeared in the Richmond River Independent, 18 August 2021.


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