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Residents encouraged to report sightings of feral pigs

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Rockhampton Regional Council, Media Release, 9 June 2021

Rockhampton Regional Council is encouraging residents to report any sightings of feral pigs after some recent activity in the lower Mount Archer, Frenchville Road and Moore’s Creek/First Turkey areas.

Photo: Rockhampton Regional Council

Planning and Regulation Councillor Grant Mathers said Council is monitoring the issue but needed residents to report any sightings as soon as possible.

“These animals certainly make their presence known when they’re in an area, and can cause considerable damage to properties and the environment,” Cr Mathers said.

“We have had a number of reports of feral pigs entering on to properties in those areas and they are making a bit of a mess.

“We are monitoring the activity and believe that it is a small group responsible for the damage. 

“The recent sightings are a good reminder for residents to report any activity to Queensland Parks and Wildlife, or Council so officers can follow up.

“Feral pigs are most often attracted to damp soil and are rooting up gardens to find food. 

“For residents in areas where they know these animals might be around, the best thing you can do is make sure your property is fenced off and that there are no food scraps left around, which might attract the animals.

“It’s important to remember that feral pigs are wild animals and residents should never approach them or attempt to catch them. Rather, if you see a feral pig, please report it directly to our Customer Service team.”

Sightings of feral pigs or pig activity can be reported to Council’s Customer Service Centre on 4932 9000.

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