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Seedling donations support koala feed tree community planting program

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Forestry Corporation of NSW, Media Release, 12 March 2021

Forestry Corporation of NSW delivered the first load of 25,000 koala food tree seedlings recently to support north coast koala care groups’ efforts to build koala habitat. 

The organisation delivered 10,000 seedlings to a new Lismore nursery facility managed by Friends of the Koala to support their, and Bangalow Koalas’, planting programs. 

Friends of the Koala Lismore Nursery Manager Mark Wilson (left), Bangalow Koalas President Linda Sparrow (second from right), Forestry Corporation’s Ryan Ellis, with volunteers at the delivery of the seedlings.

All up, 25,000 seedlings will be donated to local planting projects to support koala populations, improve connectivity between areas, provide future food and habitat, and improve habitat value. 

The seedlings were grown at Forestry Corporation’s Grafton nursery and will be housed in the Lismore facility for acclimatisation and hardening. 

They will shortly be used in bush regeneration plantings and environmental work under the guidance of Bangalow Koalas and Friends of the Koalas Lismore, said Forestry Corporation’s Partnerships Leader, Ryan Ellis. 

“These groups are doing fantastic work and are best placed to connect with passionate locals who want to support wildlife and the environment,” Mr Ellis said. 

“The mix of koala-preferred species includes Forest Red Gum, Tallowwood, Swamp Mahogany, Grey Gum and Dunn’s White Gum, which will be shared between the groups. 

“Bangalow Koalas have their plantings scheduled for April and we’re excited to support their efforts. 

“When the remaining 15,000 seedlings are ready, they will be transferred from our Grafton nursery to the Lismore site under the care and attention of Friends of the Koala-Lismore Nursery Manager, Mark Wilson.” 

Forestry Corporation also provided information and resources to support the planting operations. 

“Our specialist staff have developed a series of guides to support the crucial steps before and after trees are planted,” Mr Ellis said. 

“They cover how to select the right species for the right location, when and how to plant, ongoing risks and maintenance — these will help set these young seedlings up with every chance of success.” 


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