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Local tribute to merchant marine

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A special tribute to merchant marine has been gaining plenty of attention in its off-beat location.

You can find it at the 7th tee at Carpentaria Golf Club in Weipa.

Erected by team members from Smit Lamnalco, the anchor in the garden bed is a tribute “to honour the Australian Merchant Navy who sailed in all wars, past, present and future”.

Mechant marine memorial
Smit Lamnalco’s Grant Jamieson, Andy Wilson and Brett Booth at the special tribute on the 7th hole at the Carpentaria Golf Club. Tristan Curtin was absent. Photo: Matt Nicholls.

Weipa contract manager Grant Jamieson said it was special to him and his team.

“We sponsor the hole and wanted to put a personal touch on it,” he said.

“The garden beds are roped off and there are a few special little details.”

The anchor came from tug boat SL King, while the timber it is mounted on was recycled from the Lorim Point wharf.

“We want to be a valuable contributor to the Weipa community and this was a small gesture that will end up being seen by a lot of people, including visitors,” Mr Jamieson said.

Andy Wilson, Brett Booth and Tristan Curtin were key players in the project.

“I’m really proud that we can do something like this,” Mr Booth told Cape York Weekly.

Cape York Weekly 15 March 2021

“There’s a brotherhood between those who work in the shipping industry and there have been too many lost at sea as a result of conflict.”

This article appeared in Cape York Weekly, 15 March 2021.


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