Thursday, September 21, 2023

Lloyd Polkinghorne, The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper


Vic stands strong, NSW crumples under Albo water grab

The Albanese Government has officially declared war on Basin communities and Australian families who are suffering with the cost-of-living crisis. On Tuesday, the Federal Water Minister declared that the Murray-Darling Basin Plan MKII would remove the legislated protections around taxpayer funded water buybacks and the new plan extended to 2027 ... The Murray-Darling Basin Plan clearly demonstrates legislation is only abided by when it’s convenient to the political outcomes sought, and changed when it’s problematic to those ends. 

People rally as towers loom

Melbourne’s Spring Street had a break from monotony as cars and buses were replaced with tractors, trucks and utes with banners as hundreds protested the planned Victoria-NSW Interconnector West project. An estimated 45 tractors, 10 prime movers and about 20 utilities brought commuters to a standstill as part of a ‘Stop the Towers’ rally...

PS Alexander Arbuthnot’s 100th draws nearer

This year’s 100th anniversary of the launching of the paddleboat Alexander Arbuthnot at Koondrook will be celebrated at a community event at the Koondrook Wharf and Apex Park on Friday, October 27 from 4pm – 7.30pm ... During the event, interpretive signage will be unveiled showcasing the extensive research from the Barham Koondrook Historical Society and volunteers on the local paddleboat history.

Community unites in the line of fire

Community members gathered ... to share information and discuss what they believe is an unsatisfactory time frame to provide feedback on the 500kV VNI West power line development ... it was the consensus of the meeting that community members were still in a process of discovery and lamented that the power companies probably had 18 months to put together their Draft Corridor Reports, and still missed basic information, such as areas of extensive flooding.  

No prep, all heart

Matt Lawson is a lone figure dressed in a high vis jacket and with a timber walking stick as he walks along the busy highway north of Tocumwal ... A small group had gathered in Finley to welcome Matt as he entered town. The group had erected a ‘Forest of the Fallen’, which is a national campaign displaying the names and stories of vaccinated Australians who died or were injured post-vaccine.

Basin Plan flounders as problems mount

Southern Riverina Irrigators said Federal Water Minister Tanya Plibersek’s determination to deliver the Basin Plan in full shows just how out of touch with reality the minister really is ... To date, 83 per cent of water recovered has already come from the southern basin and SRI is urging NSW water minister Rose Jackson to follow Victoria’s lead and put a line through future buybacks ... Despite the devastation caused by the MDBA in the southern basin, MDBA Chief Executive Andrew McConville said most communities are in support of the plan’s implementation.