Tuesday, November 29, 2022

Lloyd Polkinghorne, The Koondrook and Barham Bridge Newspaper


District flood impacts

Ben Evans settled on his 2,600-acre Mellool farm just two months ago ... His entire property, bar six acres, is underwater ... Daniel Monk, has never seen floodwater inundate the area as widely or as quickly ... Marcus and his wife, Bree, have 90 per cent of their 4,000ha farm inundated at Mallan ... “I have never seen so much water ever,” said Ken Spence.

Storms could “make or break”

Kirstin Nicholson. Mick Farrant’s dairy farm is on Flannery’s Road, McMillans and two thirds of his 1,100-acre property is underwater. Excess water from Pyramid and Bullock Creeks has inundated the farm. “It’s a big job moving cattle, it’s just a massive undertaking to shift a whole herd and get set up for them somewhere else. You don’t do that in five minutes,” he said.

In a pinch

It’s been over 10 years since a 5-year moratorium was placed on Murray crayfishing by NSW authorities for our stretch of the Murray River. Sadly, now it seems that Murray cray populations are at risk, not from fishing, but from poor water quality. Dissolved oxygen has fallen to 0.2 in the Murray at Barham and thousands of Murray cray have walked to the edges of the river from Echuca through to Swan Hill.

McNeil Hong Kong bound

Kendall Jennings. With four group one race wins under his belt, former Myall lad, Jye McNeil, has been granted his international jockey licence. The 27-year-old heads to the Hong Kong Jockey Club for a six-week adventure, including the Longines Hong Kong International on December 11, with the possibility of the tenure increased.

Premature peak?

Somebody better tell mother nature to get with the program as Koondrook-Barham’s peak was exceeded seven days early. The expected peak for Koondrook-Barham remains unchanged on official channels at an expected 6.2m. Mother nature had other ideas with a rainfall event on Monday, October 24 pushing the river to an eye watering 6.210m just one centimetre short of the highest recorded on NSW Water, the 1917 flood reaching 6.223m.

“We won’t go”

Kirstin Nicholson. Pat and Michelle Quinn’s dairy farm at Mincha West is under real threat of flooding. The 700 head dairy property sits about 3km from Flannery’s flume, and the water coming out of Kow Swamp backs up and flows over the top of the property ... In 2011, the farm was completely inundated – and Pat is predicting this flood will be the same.

Kerang isolated again

Kendall Jennings. Amidst the sound of helicopters, drones and light aircraft, the community of Kerang gathered to do whatever was needed to protect vital infrastructure as the Loddon River, Nine Mile Creek and Pyramid Creek water levels rose. Earthmoving machinery was used, along with sandbags to contain floodwater away from major roads, however, some efforts did not survive the floodwater onslaught.