Friday, April 19, 2024

Allora Photography Group share their creative shots

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The first topic in the Group’s 2024 competition was “Reflections” and entries were of a very high standard.

So readers grab a coffee, sit down and study these creative photos.

It was a perfect score for Glenda with submitted photos!

The Groups highest score is “Honour” and to achieve that with one of two submitted photos is not an easy task, but to score two Honours from two photos is outstanding.

Glenda caught the enigmatic expression of “The Man from Ironbark”, as a monochrome image in the polished surface of a spoon, a technically demanding concept. The task was two photos on the topic “Reflections” and Glenda’s second photo “Triple Tipsy” also scored an Honour.

The standard of photos for this topic was very high with three other members also scoring Honour.

Linda’s “Condamine at Night” was an atmospheric view of illuminated trees reflected in the glass-like waters of the Condamine.

Michelle F presented “Do drop in…” a reflection within a suspended dewdrop and Michael captured passersby “On the Move”, reflected in a shop window.

A further ten images were awarded “Merit” by John Stewart, the visiting accredited judge.

It was a very competitive start to the accumulation of points towards the Groups end of year trophy.

The Groups second topic for the year “View from a Window” will prove to be much more challenging.

Allora Advertiser 3 April 2024

This article appeared in the Allora Advertiser, 3 April 2024.


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