Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Fire front flares in night sky at Evans Head as fire travels south

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Evans Head locals have captured pictures of the dramatic fiery sky as flames light up the darkness.

This evidence of 554 hectares of national park burning south of Evans Head is worrying. Fortunately, the fire continues to travel south which is good news for the seaside town.

Resident Lara Leahy described the scene at Evans Head.

“The worst has died down now,” she said.

“Still glowing patches on the ridge lines but a lot less aggressive looking.

“Some visible hills with coals lighting them up like Christmas trees. An occasional tree or limb falls succumbing to the heat of the moment.”

Firefighters from the Rural Fire Service and National Parks and Wildlife Service continue to work with aircraft to contain the fire and prepare control lines along the northern boundary fire trail in Evans Head.

Residents near The Gap should monitor the situation. Smoke is likely to impact the New Italy area.

The Black Rocks camping ground remains closed.

People are advised to stay away from Bundjalung National Park area.

Residents in the area should monitor the Hazards Near Me App or check the RFS Fires Near Me website for updates.

The RFS advises that all fire permits are suspended for Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. This is because of the forecast fire behaviours index reading HIGH for the next three days.

All fires excluding cane fires are suspended until Friday, October 6.

This article appeared on on 2 October 2023.


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