Thursday, October 5, 2023

SFF calls on the federal government to permanently ban importation of uncooked prawns into Australia: Banasiak

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The Hon. Mark Banasiak, Shooters Fishers and Farmers Party MLC, Media Release, 22 June 2023

From 7th July 2017, a temporary ban on the importation of uncooked prawn products was lifted and replaced with import conditions which have consequently failed and once again threatened our great seafood industry.

Recent detections of White Spot Disease (WSD) at three prawn farms on the NSW North Coast have the SFF calling on the Federal Government to slam the door shut and permanently ban the importation of raw, uncooked prawns and decapod crustaceans into Australia.

Australia has some of the best seafood products the world has to offer. This includes high-value exports such as Lobsters, Moreton Bay Bugs, Crabs and Freshwater Crayfish.

“Both the Federal and state government need to show true commitment to the industry by prioritising Australian seafood over cheap inferior imports,” said Mark Banasiak.

Announcing a $21.4 Million so-called ‘recovery’ package full of fee waivers and no income support is a slap in the face for our commercial fishers.

“There would be no need for such a package if the Federal government just did what should have been done decades ago and slammed the door shut to the importation of uncooked prawns,” said Mark Banasiak.


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