Thursday, June 8, 2023

123rd Oberon Show, 11 February 2023

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The biggest quick shear prize money in the world!

Oberon Show Society Inc. 

2023 Schedule here

Some features to mention for 2023:

  • Biggest quick shear prizes – in the world! Open First Prize!
  • Yard Dog Trials have now been classified as “National”
  • Horse events returning: Western Events, Hack Events ( enter through “nominate”) and Pony Club Events – enter on the day
  • Ice Skating Rink returning
  • Noah’s Pig Racing coming for the first time
  • Whip Cracking
  • Dog High Jump
  • Young Farmer’s Challenge
  • Animal Nursery
  • Cattle returning
  • Fat Lambs returning
  • Lots of Stalls
  • Poultry & Bird Show
  • Huge Pavilion Section
  • Photography / Senior Art
  • Trike – Bike Rides

Contact us

Stalls –
General enquiries  –
Tickets are on sale through

Show office at the show ground will be open during the week prior to Show day for any enquiries and for entries.

2023 Schedule here


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