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Cup weekend

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Cup weekend
The Duchess of Walmer far right and Maldon models wearing clothes from Trés Doux Trés Beau. Photo: Tarrangower Times

Once again locals are hard-pressed to find a park in Main Street at the return of our Melbourne family, friends and visitors on a jam packed weekend in Maldon.

Fashion parade
Perfect weather for a fashion parade featuring clothing from Beaton’s Stores and Poppy’s of Maldon to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation.
Photo: Tarrangower Times

There have been two fashion parades, one at Panacea Estate, with items from Trés Doux Trés Beau, featuring beautiful clothing from the Duchess of Walmer. The other involved Beaton’s Stores and Poppy’s of Maldon displaying their gorgeous clothing at the Maldon Neighbourhood Centre to raise funds for the McGrath Foundation as part of the ‘Paint the Town Pink’ fundraiser.

And on Sunday night the town was filled with laughter and spookiness as the children of Maldon celebrated Halloween by trick-or-treating at neighbours’ doors.

What excitement will be in store next as the state slowly awakens from its slumber and the weather warms?

Tarrangower Times 5 November 2021

This article appeared in the Tarrangower Times, 5 November 2021.



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